Story Ark is committed to the success of comic book and graphic novel creators. We do this through the three main areas below. Click here to view pricing.


  • Lettering – we provide fast and professional lettering. You can view samples of our lettering work on any of these books.
  • Coloring – Our colorists can help bring the art on your comics to life. Here are some samples.
  • Layout & Design – whether your book is going to a printer or getting posted as a webcomic or ebook, we can take your pages and prepare them for publishing  and create the files you’ll need. This includes designing your covers, back cover and inside covers. More info.
  • Branding – Need a logo title for your book,  we include this for free when we are already doing layout and design.


  • Represenation – If your work is at a professional level, we can represent you and try to get you work at the top publishing companies. More info:
  • Crowd Funding – If you don’t want to deal with Kickstarter, we’ll manage it for you and get your project funded.
  • Publishing – We will pitch your book to appropriate publishers or publish it under Story Ark.
  • Legal Counsel – Whether its a contract or copyright issues, our legal partners can take care of that for you.
  • Optioning – Depending on your project, we can shop it around hollywood.
  • Coaching – Get all your questions answered by one of our partners during a live phone conversation.


  • Media Library – Over the last few years, we’ve been compiling recorder interviews with industry professionals.
  • Speakers & Workshops – Attend our free monthly speaker series or sign up for one of our professional workshops.
  • Books – We also have a few books about creating comic books that you can download.
  • Conventions – We are the organizers of Diversity Comic Con at F.I.T. and Comic Creators Conference (C3) NorthEast.

We also offer a Complete Project Management package so you don’t have to worry about anything BUT creating stories. We’ll take care of everything else giving you a complete finished book, convenience and some peace of mind!